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Unique Wire Sculpture Pendants

Each Wire Sculpture Pendant has a beautiful uniqueness of it own. No two are ever exactly alike. These Pendants are tiny sculptures and can be created in any combination of colors and stones. Wearing one of these unique sculptures can bring out one's inner flair.


Choose from the colors available on the site, or custom order a design in your specific colors and stones and the size you wish. Pricing may differ slightly depending on the size and stones you choose.


Handcrafted Originals from Fine Silver Clay

What is Fine Silver Clay (PMC)?

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a revolutionary new material in the jewelry world developed by Mitsubishi Materials in the early 1990's. The ingredients of PMC are micro-particles of pure silver or pure gold suspended in “clay” consisting of water and organic naturally occurring plant-based binder. The binder or clay is non-toxic in both its raw and fired form and completely evaporates in the firing process.

PMC pieces are pure silver or gold and can be hallmarked and will assay at 100% pure metal rather than an alloy as sterling silver or karat gold. This malleable metal bearing clay material is a completely unique new medium to the jewelry world. It can be sculpted, pushed, pulled, carved, trailed, shaped with any variety of techniques and treated after firing with traditional fabrication and stone setting techniques.

These wonderful pendants are one of a kind, handcrafted designs by Teresa Marra; each will vary slightly from the photograph due to the design work being done by hand. Custom orders are welcome. Almost anything is possible with this wonderful product. If you are looking for a special design, please contact Teresa at 602-740-6870.